What kind of crazy language would use the same word to describe both a gorilla and the Archbishop of Canterbury? It could only be English - a language brought to you by the same loony race who invented cricket.

(The word: primate.)

English is not really one language anyway - it's about forty. For example, the word dollar is Czech. But the word cheque is French. But the word French is English. But the word English is German. (As is the word Dutch.) But the word German is Latin. (As is the word Latin.) Feeling dizzy?

This site will eventually be full of nutty stuff like that - not to mention palindromes, anagrams, gobbledygook, and much, much more. Stay tuned.

If you're one of the Year 9s planning to enter the National Spelling Bee in March, see you there. (I'll be your friendly word selector and judge!)