Well, that sort of depends who you are.

If youíre an advertiser, Iím the writer of the NZ National Partyís 2005 billboards and Taxathon TV ad. (If you're a lefty, make that the 1987 and 1993 radio ads for the Labour Party.)

If youíre a word lover, Iím the silly poet who penned the book I Think The Clouds Are Cotton Wool Ė Rhymes Committed by John Ansell.

If youíre a speaker seeker, Iím the wordplaying loon who entertains conferences with his Dances With Words and attempts to teach Plain English As A Second Language.

If youíre at school, Iím your friendly word selector and judge for the 2006 National Spelling Bee, AKA The Word Man.

That's me in a nutcase. What about you? What kind of words were you looking for? If I can help, just say the word.