I've been making ads on and off since 1977. I worked in 'general practice' in agencies till 1989, then specialised in radio. I owned Padded Sell Studio between 1994 and 2000.

In 2005 I created the billboards and TV ads that helped the NZ National Party nearly steal what most experts said was an unwinnable election.

(This was my first crack at outdoor. But I had made political ads - for Labour! My 1987 Soap radio campaign and 1993 song Words remain the only New Zealand political ads to win awards for creativity. More importantly, former PM David Lange said the '87 radio spots helped to win that election.)

Whatever the medium, whatever the product, my goal is to make my client famous - or at least seriously rich. Can you handle that?

Of course, I'll first need to interrogate you till you confess to your strengths. Lunch?